Goodwill Facility

Built in 2008, the single-tenant facility is on a long-term lease to Goodwill Industries of Central Indiana, a well-established, successful, and community-driven organization.  The store is located at 2480 N. Lebanon Street in Lebanon, IN, and consists of 12,800 square feet, on 5+ acres, adjacent to a Super Wal-Mart store.  The opportunity to develop and own the facility came in early 2008 and fit well in our development parameters.  The asset is very low-maintenance with a strong and reputable tenant that requires little management oversight.  The construction was completed by a large local contractor that completed similar projects for the tenant in the past, which made the construction phase of the project very smooth and easy to manage.  We are proud to have such a successful and socially responsible tenant in our portfolio.  We anticipate holding this asset for many years to come.