The Hearth at Hendersonville

Opened in 2012, The Hearth at Hendersonville is a 130-unit Licensed Residential Care Facility serving assisted living and Alzheimer’s/dementia residents, located at 419 E. Main Street in Hendersonville, TN.

The Hearth at Hendersonville is a single building, with two distinct sections.  The assisted living section of the building houses 100-units, in a three story design, while the 30 Alzheimer’s and dementia units are designed in a one-story section.

The site is nearly 8.5 acres including green space and common areas.  This development features nearly 68,500 square feet of rentable, residential unit space, along with nearly 45,000 square feet of common areas/lounges, kitchens, cafeteria, activity areas, etc.

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